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WHM - Storytellers - Movies & Stage

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This week we celebrate Women’s History Month, including the amazing accomplishments and firsts from many women in sports history.

As part of Women’s History Month, we celebrate the women of Baseball, from the AAGPBL, Negro Leagues, MLB, Little League, Authors and Media

Highlighting the women storytellers of baseball, this time in Cinema and Theater.

Long considered one of the greatest baseball movies of all time and directed by Penny Marshall, A League of Their Own debuted in 1992 and brought the AAGPBL to a new generation.

In 2017, Tracy Reiner (daughter of Penny) and actress who played Betty “Spaghetti” Horn in A League of Their Own joined Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen on the Hall of Very Good Podcast (a Pod Teambrown Apparel is very proud to sponsor)

Helen Callaghan (Candaele) along with her sister Marge became the inspiration for the documentary “A League of Their Own” that inspired the Penny Marshall Movie – See the Documentary

Lauren Meyer a 2017 Emmy Nominee has made a documentary “The Other Boys of Summer” interviewing Negro League players to get their unique takes on the league, their lives and their place in history

Last year, playwright Maureen Ulrich brought her play Diamond Girls with Amanda Trapp to Canadian audiences, telling the story of the AAGPBL and it’s Canadian star players.