WHM - Storytellers - Books

WHM - Storytellers - Books

This week we celebrate Women’s History Month, including the amazing accomplishments and firsts from many women in sports history.

As part of Women’s History Month, we celebrate the women of Baseball, from the AAGPBL, Negro Leagues, MLB, Little League, Authors and Media

Highlighting the women storytellers of baseball, this time in Books.

Audrey Vernick, Children’s Book Author of not only, She Loved Baseball, The Effa Manley Story, but also The Funniest Man in Baseball (Max Patkin), Brothers at Bat, Screaming at the Ump and more

Sharon Robinson, Children’s Book Author (and Jackie’s daughter), wrote The Hero Two Doors Down, Testing the Ice, Jackie’s Gift and more

Michelle Y. Green, Children’s Book Author, wrote A Strong Right Arm, the story of Maime “Peanut” Johnson

Diana Star Helmer, Author wrote about the AAGPBL in Belles of the Ballpark – Listen to her on the Podcast Baseball By the Book - http://baseballbythebook.libsyn.com/episode-92-belles-of-the-ballpark