Preserving the legacy of Historically Black College and University baseball… it’s not just our motto, but also our goal and passion.

Black College Nines was founded as a site dedicated to telling the historical story of HBCU baseball. Soon after going online with, an opportunity arose and with overwhelming encouragement, we expanded our coverage. While still honoring HBCU baseball’s past, Black College Nines became the “go to” site for coverage of HBCU baseball’s current happenings.

Black College Nines proudly serves the college baseball community as the only website dedicated solely to black college baseball on all levels. From the season-long polls we run, to the student-athlete superlatives recognized at season’s end, school administrators, coaches and even past and present HBCU ballplayers express their gratitude for the importance of what we do.

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Black College Nines was founded in 2008 with a goal of preserving the legacy of historically black college baseball while promoting current HBCU baseball programs via its website