Part 5 - Music and Baseball

Part 5 - Music and Baseball

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#Spotlight – This week we celebrate the men and women of the music world and their ties to the great sport of Baseball.

Today we give tribute to the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Did you know that baseball wasn't the only part of their was also music.

The AAGPBL has a victory song: 

Batter up! Hear that call! 

The time has come for one and all To play ball. We are the members of the All-American League. 

We come from cities near and far. We've got Canadians, Irishmen and Swedes, We're all for one, we're one for all We're All-Americans! Each girl stands, her head so proudly high, Her motto 'Do or Die.' 

She's not the one to use or need an alibi. Our chaperones are not too soft, They're not too tough, Our managers are on the ball. We've got a president who really knows his stuff, We're all for one, we're one for all, We're All-Americans!

The the All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League's victory song was co-written by Lavonne "Pepper" Paire Davis and Nalda "Bird" Phillips.

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