Part 4 - Music and Baseball

Part 4 - Music and Baseball

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#Spotlight – This week we celebrate the men and women of the music world and their ties to the great sport of Baseball.

If Geddy Lee wasn't enough to be part of the amazing Negro Leagues history, what happens when Jack White of the White Stripes jumps in to support the Detroit history.

The rocker contributed $10,000 to help with the restoration of Hamtramck Stadium.

The Detroit area stadium served as home for the Negro League’s Detroit Stars.

Hamtramck Stadium is one of the last Negro League-era ballparks still standing, White along with the Piast Institute and the Friends of Historic Hamtramck Stadium, launched a campaign to raise $50,000, with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation matching donations up to $50,000. Through the generous support of others, they exceeded their fundraising goal by over $15,000.

The money will be used toward restoring the site “for baseball and soccer games in advance of a planned restoration of its historic grandstand.” The ballpark’s existing grandstand – which witnessed Hall of Famers like Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige and Detroit Stars’ Norman “Turkey” Stearns take the field – has been unused since the 1990s.

Learn about the history of Hamtramck Stadium.

White, himself enshrined in Cooperstown, donated – anonymously, until newspapers discovered his involvement – $170,000 to help restore the Detroit park where he played baseball in his youth.

White and baseball's Ian Kinsler also co-own a company that specializes in baseball bats.

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