WHM - The Women of La Vida Baseball ¡Live!

WHM - The Women of La Vida Baseball ¡Live!

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This week we continue our celebration of Women's History Month. Today is our tribute to the amazing women of La Vida Baseball ¡Live! - Julie Alexandria and Jennifer Mercedes.

Julie Alexandria’s accomplishments in sports and entertainment media inform her reporting on a variety of issues surrounding baseball, such as social justice, racial equity, gender equality, and the business of sports. As a host/producer of La Vida Baseball ¡Live! and our resident West Coast contributor, she asks important questions to players and executives alike. A NYC native, she has covered teams from the Mets and Nationals to her now-hometown Padres, with stops at Fox Sports, MLB Productions and the Big Ten Network in between.

Jennifer Mercedes is host of La Vida Baseball ¡Live!. Prior to joining La Vida Baseball, she worked with a variety of media outlets such as ESPN, Azteca América, Telemundo, SuperCanal Caribe, Dominican View & MundoFox. She also is the executive producer, creator and host of La Chica Deportes, which airs nationwide via Dominican View and on LaChicaDeportes.com and Vegateve & SuperCanal Caribe in the Dominican Republic.

Jennifer was also a contributing reporter to El Mundo De Las Grandes Ligas which airs Sundays on ESPN Deportes Radio in New York. She holds a degree in TV and Media from Rutgers University. In 2012, Mercedes was voted as one of the Top 40 Rising Stars Under the age of 40 by the Hispanic Coalition of New York. In 2014 was selected as a “Lady Lincoln” by Lincoln Motor Company.

She also enjoys working with charitable organizations in the Dominican Republic and the United States, including Fundacion HHS, Educacion Calzada and the Boomstick23 Foundation.

La Vida Baseball ¡LIVE! covers the intersection of LatinX culture and baseball, from players and fans to the game and hot-button issues to music and food. Each week, hosts Jennifer Mercedes, Julie Alexandria, and Ozzie Guillén Jr. bring you spirited conversations and in-depth analysis of the game we all love and how it impacts the world.