WHM - Team Owners

WHM - Team Owners

This week we celebrate Women’s History Month, including the amazing accomplishments and firsts from many women in sports history.

As part of Women’s History Month, we celebrate the women of Baseball, from the AAGPBL, Negro Leagues, MLB, Little League, Authors and Media

Highlighting the women owners of Baseball – First was Effa Manley, who owned the Newark Eagles and was a Civil Rights Icon.

In 1911, Helene Britton’s uncle Stanley Robison passed away, making the then 32 year old Britton the 1st female owner in MLB. She would own the St. Louis Cardinals for 7 years.

The Baseball Hall of Fame would detail the history of how Helene Britton became Major League Baseball’s first female owner

Joan Payson would become owner of the New York Mets. She was the 3rd female owner in MLB History, owning the Mets. Payson would purchase the team with her own funds after the Giants and Dodgers moved west.