Part 7 - Music and Baseball

Part 7 - Music and Baseball

#Spotlight – This week we celebrate the men and women of the music world and their ties to the great sport of Baseball.

Marcus Shelby is a Jazz Composer who brought his musical gifts and love of baseball together to create "Black Ball: The Negro Leagues and the Blues".

“I came up as an athlete, playing Little League and football, and I went to college on a basketball scholarship. But once I got involved in music, that all took a backseat because of the commitment that music takes.”

In perhaps one of the most unusual combinations of music and baseball. How about an Opera about Josh Gibson called The Summer King.

The Summer King debuted in 2017

The story tells about the life of Josh Gibson from his early days until becoming a star in the Negro Leagues.

The Summer King began as a American Opera Project of New York Presentation before moving in concert form to Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine.

The world premiere took place at Pittsburgh Opera on Saturday, April 29, 2017 with Antony Walker, conductor and Sam Helfrich, director. Alfred Walker played Josh Gibson.

The Opera would go on to play at the Michigan Opera Theatre in May of 2018.

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