1942 Monarchs, Royals & NLBM

1942 Monarchs, Royals & NLBM

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Last week we asked you to pick your favorite Negro Leagues Uniform from our bracket of the Top 20. The fans spoke and the 1942 Kansas City Monarchs edged the 1920 Detroit Stars to win the Championship.

So this week, we are paying tribute to the 1942 Kansas City Monarchs.

And guess what? We are not the only ones.

Join the Royals in honoring the Negro Leagues on Sunday, June 23rd and raise funds for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum! Royals players will wear throwback Kansas City Monarchs uniforms from 1942 and Minnesota will wear St. Paul Gophers uniforms from 1908.

Following the game, the game-worn, autographed jerseys will be auctioned with proceeds benefiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Several Negro League alumni will be available at a free autograph signing for fans in the Royals Hall of Fame from Noon -1 p.m.

The first 10,000 fans will receive a Kansas City Monarchs Short Bill Cap, courtesy of Metropolitan Community College.

In addition, everyone from fans to the grounds crew, KCrew and Sluggerrr will be "Dressed to the Nines" in tribute to the tradition of attending Negro Leagues games dressed in your Sunday best.

Get your tickets here - https://www.mlb.com/royals/tickets/specials/salute-negro-leagues?affiliateId=tdl-Kansas_City_Royals-tickets-Kansas_City_Royals:_Tickets:_Royals_Promotional_Tickets-single_game_tickets-promo_promotion-Desktop-Landscape

Here are the Royals dressed in 1942 in 2013.

“…1942 was my favorite year…the best team I ever played with. Someone once asked Newt Joseph who he would take with him if he could play in the majors, and Newt replied, ‘The whole Monarchs team.’ That’s the way I felt about the ’42 Monarchs. I do believe we could have given the New York Yankees a run for their money that year.” Buck O’Neil, I Was Right On Time