Part 1 - Josh Gibson Foundation

Part 1 - Josh Gibson Foundation

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#Spotlight – This week we welcome our newest partner - The Josh Gibson Foundation!

Read about the Foundation here

The Josh Gibson Foundation believes in the endless possibilities for potential in today's youth. By providing academic and athletic programs that foster leadership and scholarship, the skills necessary for tomorrow's successes are created today.​

"Our goal is to carry on the legacy of greatness and accomplishment embodied by Josh Gibson, by developing programs that help children of every level of ability reach their potential, and to create opportunities that set The Josh Gibson Foundation apart from other organizations and provides value for our communities".


As part of our celebration, we have created a new design that recognizes the 1972 Hall of Fame induction of the greatest hitter in the history of the Negro Leagues.

Each letter has an image of Josh's illustrious career for the:

Proceeds from the Sales of these products benefit The Josh Gibson Foundation

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