Major League 7 Collection - American Negro League (1929)

Major League 7 Collection - American Negro League (1929)

As part of our new collection, Major League 7 - today we celebrate the American Negro League which played in 1929.


MLB announced in 2020 that seven Negro Leagues would be elevated to "Major League" status. The seven leagues that comprised the Negro Leagues of 1920-1948 were the Negro National League (I) (1920–1931); the Eastern Colored League (1923–1928); the American Negro League (1929); the East-West League (1932); the Negro Southern League (1932); the Negro National League (II) (1933–1948); and the Negro American League (1937–1948).


The American Negro League featured among others:

  • Baltimore Black Sox
  • Homestead Grays
  • Atlantic City Bacharachs
  • Hilldale Daisies
  • New York Lincoln Giants


The ECL collapsed during the 1928 season which directly led to the formation of the American Negro League and five of the former teams of the ECL.


  • 1929 - Baltimore Black Sox