April 15th - We are all #42

April 15th - We are all #42

#Spotlight – The annual tribute to Jackie Robinson with players wearing the #42 goes back to 2007 when Ken Griffey Jr. then playing for the Reds requested permission from the league office and Rachel Robinson to wear the number for the 60th anniversary of Jackie breaking the color barrier.

This year's celebration is made all the more special because it is also the 100th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's birth.

Before Jackie wore 42 for the Dodgers, he played for the Kansas City Monarchs and wore #’s 5, 8 and 23

Jackie also wore number 28 while playing football for UCLA and 18 while playing basketball for the Bruins.

While there are images of Jackie wearing different number for the Montreal Royals when he was in AAA for the Dodgers, including 30 and 10, most images show him wearing number 9 (1946 scorecard)