Toni Stone - Negro Leagues First Female Player

Toni Stone - Negro Leagues First Female Player

This week as part of Women's History Month, we introduce you to some amazing women - today Toni Stone, the Negro Leagues first female player.
Toni Stone
It was 1953, and many of the stars of the Negro Leagues had begun their exodus to the Major Leagues, when Syd Pollack owner of the Indianapolis Clowns was in need of a replacement for his second baseman. Hank Aaron had played for the team before joining the Milwaukee Braves.
Toni Stone would become the first woman in the Negro Leagues. She played 50 games in her season with the Clowns, batting .243. Among her many achievements was getting a hit off legendary pitcher Satchel Paige.
After the season, Stone’s contract was sold to the Kansas City Monarchs and she would be replaced on the Clowns by another woman, Connie Morgan.
Stone would retire from professional baseball after the 1954 season, with a lifetime average of .243.
Clowns Report
negro leagues first female player
In 2019, the Roundabout Theater Company would premier an Off-Broadway play Toni Stone by Lydia Diamond. The play would star April Matthis.
You can commemorate baseball’s pioneers by wearing the colors of the AAGPBL!
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