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We’ve all played it as kids, watched it and hung on to it as grown-ups, and bestowed our love of the game over generations. Baseball is an American family institution! This game is meticulously tied to us in a very special way, but you may not understand how much it is also knotted to history. Frequently mentioned as America's National Pastime, baseball has had a very vigorous role in sculpting this nation.

From the Civil War to Women's Civil Rights and everything in between and beyond, the game of baseball backs and imitates numerous features of American life. It ranges from ethos to economics and technical developments. It enthuses movements, introduces pride and even rebuilds municipalities.  

Women in baseball; the history

In 1974, when the Supreme Court compelled Little League to alter its contract and authorize girls to play baseball on boys’ teams, feminists applauded! They prefigured the decision as a noteworthy victory. 

Had investigators only seen baseball history, they would have come to know, much to their astonishment, that women had been enthusiastically playing baseball for over a hundred years! And this goes as far back as 1866. In 1928, one female Indiana player led her team to the national championship and on to the countrywide tournament in American League Junior Baseball. 

And throughout World War II, Wrigley commenced the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. In actual fact, not until 1952 was there a rule excluding women from being specialized players.

Femininity was an immense part of this league. They didn’t want women to take action as their male complements and the league became called the Lipstick League.  

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Why should you support the AAGPBL?

If you tell a girl she can’t play baseball since she’s a girl, what else will she consider she can’t do? That's why you need to support AAGPBL! Girls need to know they aren't unaccompanied in their love for baseball, and you need to help give them an opinion. Teambrown Apparel's baseball shirts for women support girls who play baseball in a diversity of ways, counting making girls' baseball merchandise, custom baseball shirts, girls' baseball t-shirts and much more! And this is all to show that girls really do love baseball. It's a community of backing that keeps them in performance. 

At the end of the day, what we eventually want is for women’s baseball to be more competitive internationally and to have a greater audience internationally!

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