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WHM - Women of the Negro Leagues

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This week we continue our celebration of Black History Month. Today is our tribute to the Women of the Negro Leagues.

Toni Stone was the first of three women to play professional baseball as a part of the Negro Leagues. Originally from Minnesota, Stone went on to play for the San Francisco Sea Lions in 1945. Syd Pollack, owner of the Indianapolis Clowns signed her to play second base a position that Hank Aaron played the previous season. Stone was traded to Indianapolis Clowns for the 1953 season, and in 1954 signed with the Kansas City Monarchs.

During the fifty games that Stone played for the Clowns, she hit .243 including a hit off Satchel Paige.

Mamie "Peanut" Johnson was the first female pitcher, to play in the Negro Leagues.

She was signed by the Indianapolis Clowns in 1953 and played until 1955. Over that time, she had a won/loss record of 33-8, and also batted .262.

Johnson was known as "Peanut" due to her height—5 feet, 3 inches.

She is the subject of the book A Strong Right Arm, by Michelle Y. Green (Author) and Kadir Nelson (Illustrator)

Connie Morgan became the third woman to play professional baseball in the Negro Leagues, replacing Toni Stone on the team and at second base. She had previously played for 5 years with the North Philadelphia Honey Drippers, an all-women baseball team, batting .368

Morgan initiated her signing when she read a newspaper article about women playing for the Clowns, she wrote Syd Pollack directly, and asked for a try-out.