WHM - Jackie Mitchell

WHM - Jackie Mitchell

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This week as part of Women's History Month, we introduce you to some amazing women - today Jackie Mitchell -- The girl who struck out Ruth and Gehrig.

In the early days of baseball, teams would barnstorm around the country to bring baseball and folklore to the national pastime.

Such is the tale of Jackie Mitchell. The year was 1931 and the Yankees were scheduled to play an exhibition on their way from spring training.

A then 17-year-old girl from Memphis named Jackie Mitchell was playing for Chattanooga and scheduled to pitch to Yankee greats including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. That year, Ruth and Gehrig hit 49 and 41 Home Runs respectively.

In front of a report crowd of 4,000 fans, Babe Ruth stepped in the box, and struck out on 4 pitches. Next up was Gehrig, who swung and missed at all three pitches Mitchell threw.

The New York Times led the next day's sports page with the headline, "Ruth and Gehrig Struck Out by Girl Pitcher."