Part 1 - Centennial Celebration - Satchel's Travels

Part 1 - Centennial Celebration - Satchel's Travels

#Spotlight – What better way to preview the Negro Leagues upcoming Centennial Anniversary than a trip down baseball's memory lane through the unique travel's of a true baseball original - Satchel Paige.

Semi-Pro - 1924-1926

We may not know exactly when Leroy "Satchel" Paige was born or how old he really was, but we do know that he began his career as a semi-pro in Mobile for the Mobile Tigers from 1924-1926.

Pro - 1926

Paige launched his professional career in 1926 for the Chattanooga Black Lookouts of the Negro Southern League.


Birmingham Black Barons - 1927-1930

In 1927, Satchel's contract was sold to the Birmingham Black Barons. In 1929 Paige would strike out 17 Cuban Stars and a week later struck out 18 Nashville Elite Giants. His success and popularity would lead to a career long practice of being "rented" to other teams for attendance purposes with the team and Paige dividing up the increased gate receipts.

Santa Clara Leopards (Cuba), Birmingham Black Barons, Baltimore Black Sox, Chicago American Giants and Cleveland Cubs - 1929-1931

In 1929, Paige went to Cuba to play for Santa Clara Leopards in the Cuban League, but things did not go as well as he liked and Satchel would return to the US before the season was over to be "loaned" to the Baltimore Black Sox before returning to Birmingham. In September of that year Paige was leased to the Chicago American Giants. When the Black Barons temporarily disbanded, Paige found himself looking for a new team and ended up with the Cleveland Cubs.

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