BHM - Kadir Nelson - Storyteller

BHM - Kadir Nelson - Storyteller

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This week we continue our celebration of Black History Month. Today is our tribute to an artist who chronicles history. From the Negro Leagues to Martin Luther King to Nelson Mandela – artist Kadir Nelson is one of a kind.

We are the Ship by Kadir Nelson is a best selling book with original artwork on the story of the Negro Leagues.

The book is told in the voice and dedicated to Buck O’Neil (pictured here with foot on dugout)

Kadir Nelson’s paintings are in the private and public permanent collections of several notable institutions including the Muskegon Museum of Art, The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, the International Olympic Committee, and the US House of Representatives.

In order to do the Images, Kadir would dress up and photograph as reference shots


As part of the promotion for the book, Kadir would read to audiences, here he is reading from We are the Ship

The BBC did a feature on Kadir and his artwork

San Diego native Kadir Nelson talks about his art and inspirations

In 2010 Rob Neyer did an interview with Kadir Nelson in ESPN

Stamps from the US Postal Service honoring Rube Foster and the Negro Leagues by Kadir Nelson

Kadir would continue working with the US Postal Service and commemorative stamps, this time featuring Wilt Chamberlain – This project started with Philadelphia Tribune writer Don Hunt

CBS would do a deep dive on Kadir Nelson’s background and other works

For the last 6 years, Kadir Nelson has been bringing his unique style to the cover of New Yorker Magazine.