BHM - Bob Motley - Ump with a Flair

BHM - Bob Motley - Ump with a Flair

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This week we continue our celebration of Black History Month. Today is our tribute to Bob Motley, legendary umpire from the Negro Leagues.

The amazing history of Bob Motley, who was a Congressional Gold Medal honoree for service in WWII.

Bob Motley was a big Royals fan and they honored him and his service

Bob Motley was part of the Legacy of the Negro Leagues & Board Member of the NLBM

Bob Motley was 1st black man to go to umpire school in Florida, after a state law banning whites from teaching blacks was lifted. Bob Motley umpired his 1st game in 1948 and refused to cross picket line for MLB in 1979.

Bob Motley with Ken Burns and Buck O’Neil

Listen to Bob Motley’s NPR interview -

Buck O'Neil, Sylvester Vaughn, Frank Duncan & Oscar Charleston

Bob Motley and his son Byron wrote Ruling Over Monarchs, Giants and Stars

Byron Motley sang at the Academy Awards behind John LegendCommon prior to their winning best song in 2015 for Glory

Bob Motley’s 2008 Baseball Card with classic pose