BHM - Bob Motley

BHM - Bob Motley

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This week as part of Black History Month, we introduce you to Bob Motley. The legendary umpire from the Negro Leagues with the incredible flair.

Motley was the first African American umpire to attend the Al Somers Umpire School after a state law banning whites from teaching blacks was lifted. Bob Motley umpired his 1st game in 1948 and refused to cross picket line for MLB in 1979.

After umpire school, he would become an umpire for the Pacific Coast League before umpiring the College World Series, and for several Big Eight Tournaments.

Motley would be honored with a Congressional Gold Medal for service in WWII.

Bob Motley was part of the Legacy of the Negro Leagues & Board Member of the NLBM. Among his many highlights, he was the only man to ever throw the great (and otherwise mild mannered) Buck O'Neil out of a game. (Listen below)

Bob Motley and his son Byron wrote Ruling Over Monarchs, Giants and Stars, which was recently updated and released as The Negro Baseball Leagues. -