After Jackie - Alston, Escalera & Harmon

After Jackie - Alston, Escalera & Harmon

This week as part of Black History Month, we look back at the pioneers of Baseball and those that came 1st in Major League Baseball for each team. Today we celebrate Tom Alston, Nino Escalera and Chuck Harmon.

On the same day that the Pirates brought up Curt Roberts, the St. Louis Cardinals brought up Tom Alston. Alston was a college graduate from North Carolina AT&T before playing 91 games with the Cardinals

April 17th 1954 brought two players to the Cincinnati Reds, first Nino Escalera (who was Puerto Rican). Escalera was a .300 hitter in the minors but never became accomplished at the MLB level before retiring at age 36.

The second player for the Reds was Chuck Harmon. Harmon was a utility man for two seasons. Both players actually came into the game in the same game during the 7th inning as pinch hitters. Escalera then Harmon right after each other.