A Look Back - Washington DC Grays

A Look Back - Washington DC Grays

Nationals Park in DC pays tribute to numerous players of the past that starred for the Washington DC teams, including several that played for the Washington Homestead Grays the legendary team from the Negro Leagues.

The Grays played half their home games in Washington D.C. from 1940 - 1942, and in 1943 actually played almost 2/3 of their home games in Washington. During this period the Grays were also known as the Washington Grays or Washington Homestead Grays.

The 1948 Negro World Series was the final Negro World Series and featured the Washington Homestead Grays champions of the Negro National League and the Birmingham Black Barons champions of the Negro American League.

The Washington Homestead Grays would win the World Series four games to one led by Hall of Famer Buck Leonard and the Black Barons featured a then 17 year old Willie Mays playing in his first Professional Season.

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