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BHM - Negro Leagues Baseball Museum - Footsteps of History

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The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is dedicated to not only preserving the legacy of the Negro Leagues, but also chronicling the civil rights contributions of the league, its players and their footsteps of history.
Founded in 1990 in Kansas City, Mo at 18th & Vine, which was the center of African-American cultural activity in Kansas City during the first half of the 20th century.
The Museum was founded by Alfred Surratt, Buck O'Neil, Larry Lester, Phil S. Dixon, and Horace Peterson. Today it is run by President Bob Kendrick.
The museum tells the story of the Negro Leagues through a chronology that highlights the great players and their contributions, many of which were lost to time. It also highlights the unique position the league and baseball filled at the time, proving it's legacy and importance in the Civil Rights movement. The story of the Negro Leagues is the story of America.
A tour of the museum showcases the time period, the game, including actual game uniforms, cleats, gloves, and other artifacts. The museum also includes an impressive collection donated by rock star Geddy Lee (of the Canadian band Rush), who donated nearly 200 autographed baseballs to the NLBM.
geddy lee
The highlight of the museum is the Field of Legends, which showcases life sized bronze statues of Negro League Legends:
Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Pop Lloyd, Judy Johnson, Ray Dandridge, Cool Papa Bell, Oscar Charleston, Leon Day, Satchel Paige, Martín Dihigo, Rube Foster, Buck O'Neil, and Bob Motley.
In 2022, the Bobblehead Hall of Fame introduced the Negro Leagues Field of Legends Bobbleheads (for sale here). The bobbleheads are available as a puzzle set or individually with smaller baseball shaped bases.