WHM - Doris Jackson & Deseria Robinson - Understudy to History

WHM - Doris Jackson & Deseria Robinson - Understudy to History

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Some members of history are forgotten because they didn't get their time at bat, but Doris Jackson and Deseria Robinson were almost famous as understudies to Baseball's first female player Toni Stone.
Doris Jackson
During Toni Stone's initial season in 1953 with the Indianapolis Clowns, she had become such a big draw as a featured attraction for the barnstorming Clowns team, that owner Syd Pollock felt he needed to have an understudy for her in the event that she suffered an injury and was forced to miss time on the field.
Doris Jackson was signed late in the year, and while there are no records of her actually playing in any games, she did appear in newspaper accounts from the time.
Deseria Robinson
Even less known was the story of Deseria Robinson, who Syd Pollock signed as an insurance policy. Again, there is no evidence that she played and even less photographic evidence.
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