Pratt & Schroeder - Longevity

Pratt & Schroeder - Longevity

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This week we pay tribute to the players of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Mary Pratt turned 100 this year.

Pratt followed her AAGPBL career by becoming a teacher of Physical Education in Quincy, MA until 1986. She excelled as a Coach of the Softball, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis teams and won 10 state championships in Softball.

Here she is talking about her life on her 100th birthday



#Spotlight – Next is Dottie Schroeder who has the distinction of playing the longest in the league, playing in every season, including the 3 years of exhibitions after the league shut down. Post AAGPBL, Dottie would work in her hometown for the Collegiate Cap & Gown Company.


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