Dottie Kamenshek - AAGPBL Superstar

Dottie Kamenshek - AAGPBL Superstar

This week we pay tribute to the players of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Much attention is paid to their playing careers, but little if anything is known about their post playing exploits. Today we pay tribute to Dottie Kamenshek.

Even while playing, Kamenshek was studying Physical and Health Education at the University of Cincinnati, which came in handy as her career was cut short due to injuries. Once her career was over she finished her degree in Physical Therapy from Marquette before returning to Ohio to serve as a Physical Therapist. Eventually Dottie would relocate to Los Angeles to work at the LA County Children’s Services, eventually rising to the position of Chief of Therapy Services, a position she would serve in until she retired.


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