Diamond Dreams - Women In Baseball - 3 - Exhibit Deep Dive

Diamond Dreams - Women In Baseball - 3 - Exhibit Deep Dive

This week we debut our newest design in conjunction with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum - Diamond Dreams - Women In Baseball.

Diamond Dreams - Women In Baseball

Can't make it to Cooperstown, see the Diamond Dreams exhibit which traces women's roles in the game from 19th-century ball clubs to their present-day involvement – on the field and in baseball's front offices and broadcast booths.

This special virtual experience will highlight the museum's "Diamond Dreams" exhibit featuring a special interview with a Hall of Fame curator. It will also include:

  • Vassar College Resolutes
  • Amanda Clement
  • Alta Weiss
  • Effa Manley
  • A League of Their Own
  • Joan Payson
  • Suzyn Waldman
  • Janet Marie Smith
  • Maria Pepe



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