Maybelle Blair & Shirley Burkovich

Maybelle Blair & Shirley Burkovich

This week we pay tribute to the players of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Among the more colorful players is Maybelle Blair who played for Peoria.

Upon finishing her career, she would go to Compton Junior College and then Los Angeles School of Physiotherapy before a long career at the Northrop Corporation, becoming one of three female managers the company would employ.

Following her retirement, Blair would become the VP of Center for Extended Learning for Seniors for Elderhostel.

Listen to her interview here on the Hall of Very Good Podcast



#Spotlight – Next is Shirley Burkovich who played for two seasons in the AAGPBL, playing for the Chicago Colleens, Springfield Sallies and Rockford Peaches after signing with the league when she was 16 years old.

Post AAGPBL, Burkovich would work for Pacific Bell Telephone company and become very active in the leadership of the AAGPBL Players Association.


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