BHM - 1st each team - Jackie & Doby

BHM - 1st each team - Jackie & Doby

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This week as part of Black History Month, we look back at the pioneers of Baseball and those that came 1st in Major League Baseball for each team. Today is the first two – Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby.

April 15th 1947 – Jackie Robinson steps onto the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers, forever changing Baseball and Society by breaking the color barrier. Two years later he was the league MVP, and a Baseball Hall of Famer in 1962.

July 5th 1947 - Larry Doby becomes the first African American player in the American League, he was a 7x MLB All-Star, leading the league 2x in HR’s and a Baseball Hall of Famer in 1998.

Both Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby took their rightful places as bronze statues outside stadiums in Los Angeles and Cleveland.


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