BHM - “Candy Jim” Taylor - Negro Leagues Top Manager

BHM - “Candy Jim” Taylor - Negro Leagues Top Manager

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James Allen “Candy Jim” Taylor won more than twice as many games as any other manager in the history of the Negro Leagues. Also winning three National Negro League titles and two Negro League World Series titles.
candy jim
His forty year career included playing for over a dozen teams. His career as a manager consisted of almost 2,000 games. As a player he was a member of three championship teams: the 1909 St. Paul Gophers, the 1912 Chicago American Giants, and the 1916 Indianapolis ABCs. As a manager he led the St. Louis Stars to the 1928 Negro National League championship, and the Homestead Grays to a pair of World Series victories over the Birmingham Black Barons in 1943-1944.
Jim was part of the four Taylor brothers who helped shape Negro League Baseball, CI (Owner of the Indianapolis ABCs), John, Jim and Ben (a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame).
candy jim
 Jim, John, CI and Ben
Among the greats he managed were Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson and Vic Harris and was Manager of the East-West All Star game four times.
candy jim

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