BHM - Bob Kendrick - Keeper of the Flame

BHM - Bob Kendrick - Keeper of the Flame

When Bob Kendrick was named President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) in 2011, he was entrusted with the stories and history of the Negro Leagues - he was the Keeper of the Flame.
"When they see images of guys like Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks and Roy Campanella, whom they recognize as household major-league stars, and realize they came out of the Negro Leagues, all of a sudden that mindset changes." - Bob Kendric
Bob Kendrick, NLMB 2011 Keeper of the Flame | Teambrown
Kendrick first joined the NLBM as the Director of Marketing, and after a brief stint as Executive Director of the National Sports Center for the Disabled-Kansas City, before returning to become President of the NLBM.
Kendrick has been responsible for the creation of such events as the Hall of Game, which honors former Major League players who played in the spirit of the Negro Leagues. He also worked tirelessly to keep the stories of the great Buck O'Neil in the forefront which resulted in not only a Buck and Bob Tip Your Cap Bobblehead, but also Buck's finally achieving his rightful place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame with 2022's induction.
Bob Kendrick negro league baseball 2011 Keeper of the Flame | Teambrown
In 2020 while many events were cancelled during the Negro Leagues Centennial Anniversary due to the global pandemic. Kendrick, Passions in America co-founders Dan McGinn and Joe Posnanski organized a “Tip Your Cap to the Negro Leagues” campaign. Many notables joined in, including four former Presidents on June 29, 2020 all tipping their cap on the same day.
kendrick with president
In 2021, SiriusXM and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum launched what is now an award winning Podcast hosted by Bob Kendrick too showcase the history of the Negro Leagues.
“For 30 years, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum has given voice to a powerful and compelling story that had escaped the pages of American history books,” said Kendrick. “Our collaboration with SiriusXM to produce the new Black Diamonds podcast not only amplifies that voice but provides an incredible platform that will bring the inspirational story of the Negro Leagues to life. As host of the show, I’m excited to take listeners on a nostalgic journey as we celebrate baseball’s unsung heroes who overcame tremendous social adversity to play ball.”
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